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Legs and feet don' t stop moving. 471, 428 discussions. Alpha Lipoic Acid - She will recognize the words antioxidant and I can site the Berkson Clinical Study, this should make her receptive to taking. Edema - swelling in feet and ankles. Ice Cold feelings down both legs and feet.
I bought a bottle and started. The aim was to evaluate the effect of LA for the prevention of diabetic macular edema ( Haritoglou et al. It is able to bind metallic and other substances, such as mercury, arsenic, cadmium, iron, lead, and copper, neutralize them, and transport them for excrement from the body ( mercury through the gall bladder, for example). Acidul lipoic din edema. Can Water Retention be an effective treatment for Alpha Lipoic Acid? 44 discussions on Treato. Alpha- lipoic acid for the prevention of diabetic macular edema. Alpha Lipoic Acid Water Retention. Water Retention and Alpha Lipoic Acid. : I read that ALA is good in controlling sugar and sore legs and swelling in the feet. Edema ( also known as fluid retention) is swelling caused by the accumulation of abnormally large amounts of fluid in the spaces between the body' s cells or in the circulatory system. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a good chelating agent. Ulbig a for the RETIPON Study Group 1 a Department of Ophthalmology, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, b Institute of Biostatistics and. Hammes c Anselm Kampik a Michael W. Alpha- Lipoic Acid for the Prevention of Diabetic Macular Edema Coh Harittssri oglou a Joachim Gerss b Hans P. A large clinical study ( RETIPON) has recently been reported.
Hammes HP, et al. It is most common in feet, ankles, and legs. Today was the second day without alpha lipoic acid and I can report that my swelling my edema continues to decrease yay" Comment Helpful? Discussions around the web. I tried alpha lipoic acid 600 for a month with no. Has anyone tried Alpha Lipoic Acid! It is safe or dangerous to use Water Retention while suffering from Alpha Lipoic Acid? About Water Retention. And, fortunately, Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of the most potent antioxidants around.

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